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[ga] Whoa - Multilingualism

Thank you all for your comments on this thread. It indeed reveals great
overall confusion when it comes to multilingualism.  The following may
help.  Frustration in linguistics results from lack of understanding.
The frustration from lack of cultural and linguistic fusion on this list
is a great contibutor to the problems.  Think of Asian politeness facing
Arizonan directness and either may be insulted without basis in fact.
I use Jeff's Texas bluntness as example because many take offense when
he means none and at least less would be taken in his culture.
ICANN needs all of our contribution in this matter.


                     Main Entry: lan·guage
                     Pronunciation: 'la[ng]-gwij, -wij
                     Function: noun
                     Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from
langue tongue,
                     language, from Latin lingua -- more at TONGUE
                     Date: 14th century
                     1 a : the words, their pronunciation, and the
methods of combining
                     them used and understood by a community b (1) :
audible, articulate,
                     meaningful sound as produced by the action of the
vocal organs (2) : a
                     systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings
by the use of
                     conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks
having understood
                     meanings (3) : the suggestion by objects, actions,
or conditions of
                     associated ideas or feelings <language in their
very gesture --
                     Shakespeare> (4) : the means by which animals
communicate (5) : a
                     formal system of signs and symbols (as FORTRAN or a
calculus in
                     logic) including rules for the formation and
transformation of admissible
                     expressions (6) : MACHINE LANGUAGE 1
                     2 a : form or manner of verbal expression;
specifically : STYLE b : the
                     vocabulary and phraseology belonging to an art or a
department of
                     knowledge c : PROFANITY
                     3 : the study of language especially as a school

                     Main Entry: mul·ti·lin·gual
                     Pronunciation: -'li[ng]-gw&l, -'li[ng]-gy&-w&l
                     Function: adjective
                     Date: 1838
                     1 : of, containing, or expressed in several
languages <a multilingual
                     sign> <multilingual dictionaries>
                     2 : using or able to use several languages
<multilingual translators>
                     - mul·ti·lin·gual·ism /-gw&-"li-z&m, -gy&-w&-/ noun

                     - mul·ti·lin·gual·ly /-gw&-lE, -gy&-w&-lE/ adverb
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