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Re: Re: Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

Michael Froomkin wrote:
>Take me as an example.  I would probably read the filtered list 
>But if someone tells me that there is censorship going on, I would look
>the archive of the unfiltered list.  It is unreasonable to expect me to

>archive all that traffic just in case of need.

Your comment makes a lot of sense, and I have to admit that in a 
"perfect" world, you are absolutely right. I would myself much prefere 
to have an integral copy of the archives online, and I am sure that 
everybody on this list feels the same.

>On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>> First of all, I understand that "to file a record", and to be able to

>> produce it in case of need to interested parties, does not necessarly

>> mean "to publish it online in real time".
>This is an internet body, not a government department.  It serves a
>worldwide audience.
>> Secondly, according to my information, after having gone through an
>> experience similar to the one we are witnessing now, the Canadian
>> Government took a different approach about the filing system ;>).
>I am afraid the reference here is lost on me.

This has already been clarified, so I don't need to go over it, except 
to tell you that I bet that the technique of trying to paralyze the 
Canadian Government with a flood of faxes will be applied here, it's 
just a matter of time and to find a good excuse.
So, we can try the iper-liberal approach, but I am aware that, in case 
of a similar emergency, we must take a similar decision.
The iper-freedom for a few cannot be the denial of service to the 

Anybody else willing to comment?