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Re: [ga] just what work is the GA supposed to be doing?

Rick Wesson wrote:

>Could the chair please define the current scope of work for the GA? we
>seeme to be idle.
>  whats on the agenda and how far have we gotten on the 
>  deliverables assigned to the GA?

There's no deliverable "assigned" to the GA, but we sure need to defgine
 the current scope of work.

My personal shopping list follows.

- Are we going to have a physical meeting in Cairo, or not?
- How are we going to proceed for the Individual Domain Name holders 
constituency? There has been some work under the Chairmanship of Nii, 
and we should follow up on that, IMHO.
- Thoughts on Membership. BTW, who is planning to participate in ICANN\s
  Membership Implemenrtation Task Force (http://www.icann.org/at-large/
- Definition of the relationship between the GA and the Constituencies. 
I am assuming that, once we can get started and have substantial 
participation again, we will have active people in the GA that are also 
part of some constituencies: it will be good to have "liaison" people, 
for instance, to report what is going on in the Constituencies to the 

And I am sure that others can participate to the brainstorming, and add 
ideas. But I tend to doubt that we can have real participationm and 
therefore real progress, until we don't solve the current major problem,
 the noise level.

Rick, if I remember correctly, you have been spending some time on the 
road after the initial DNSO meetings. Would you have contributed, or 
even read the messages of this list while travelling in Latin America 
under the current circumstances?