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RE: [ga] just what work is the GA supposed to be doing?

Hello Roberto,

> From: owner-ga@dnso.org [mailto:owner-ga@dnso.org]On Behalf Of Roberto
> Gaetano
> Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 10:51 AM

> Rick Wesson wrote:
> >Could the chair please define the current scope of work for the GA? we
> >seeme to be idle.

> My personal shopping list follows.
> - Are we going to have a physical meeting in Cairo, or not?

from: http://travel.state.gov/egypt.html

The U.S. Embassy periodically receives information concerning extremists’
intentions to target tourists and American interests in Egypt, including
U.S. Government buildings. In light of this information, we urge Americans
to be vigilant and exercise good security practices while in Egypt. (Please
see Information on Crime.)

Regardless of whatever else transpires, for personal security reasons, I
will not travel to Cairo, or anywhere else considered "politically active".
I've spent my time getting shot at and I don't like it. BTW, just because
one is paranoid, doesn't mean that there are no evil persons (terrorists).

> - How are we going to proceed for the Individual Domain Name holders
> constituency? There has been some work under the Chairmanship of Nii,
> and we should follow up on that, IMHO.

Where is the information on this?

> And I am sure that others can participate to the brainstorming, and add
> ideas. But I tend to doubt that we can have real participationm and
> therefore real progress, until we don't solve the current major problem,
>  the noise level.

There is yet another issue being masked by the noise-level, scalability of
the DNSO lists. Basically, they aren't. The noise-level problem exacerbates
this and both must be solved. I sent you some quantification of this case,
in private email.

1) The noise-level problem falls under "managability" issues with the DNSO
2) Some form of registration/authentication MUST be deployed.
3) Mailer-Lists are inferior to INN discussion groups, for large audiences.