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[ga] Re: NCDNHC Application and Information Form

Milt and all,

In agreement here, these lists should be kept for matters eluding to
ICANN and its flagrant disrepute. We all know you academicals have a
hard time, no moolah and al, but keep the applications for, mutattis
mutandis, when you need a job, >;) Just becouse Dr Batsys a big man
doesn't mean we need brown-nosing all over the list.....>;)

Milton Mueller wrote:

  Dr. Joe:
  This web site resolves to a "Cogeco" Corporation, complete with annual
  report noting a rise in annual income and a 14% rise in revenue. While
  congratulate you on the results of your company, I do not think it
  as a non-commercial.

  > >      4.  Does the Organization have a website and if so, would you
  > > the URL?
  > http://WWW.PCCF.NET/


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