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Re: [ga] This is so sad !!

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Ken Stubbs wrote:

> for the last 3-5 weeks now this list has been totally pre-occupied and
> virtually captured by non-personna's and parties
> intent on total disruption of this list and the GA in particular.

Ken - you must pay closure attention to what's going on.  We've been
discussing rules of proceedure i.e. Robert Rules of Order and Mark's
proposed rules.  Recently the NC under Harald tried doing the funny dance
step - which is not going down very well.

> its now time do decide whether the GA will end up just an assemblage of
> people with nothing else better to do than disrupt & complain or a
> dedicated group of individuals intent on working towards development of a
> broad-based organization of individuals with a strong interest in
> DNS issues and a desire to help move this process forward.

Rules first - then chit chat.

> both harald, roberto, and others  have offered enthusiasm & constructive
> solutions and now its time to take the bull by the horns.

It is dangerous to take a bull by the horns.  Goring can be such a violent
episode - don't you agree.  When taking a bull - it is best to take it by
the balls/testicles, much easier to control a bull that way.

> if we dont get off our rear ends and move forward then the disruptive
> personnas like baptista, williams, et al will have accomplished exactly what
> they have tried so hard to do ... to make the GA    a totally meaningless
> assemblage meandering and drifting about.

Right now were working on rules, and a few parties like Mark are loosing
the fight.  I call on them to get back in again.  There are workable
solutions and I intend to see them implimented.

> frankly, its time for some action

I love the rally cry - raw raw team.

> NOW !!!!!!!!

why now?  The dispruptions have been going on for months.  What's 3 weeks
Ken.  A drop in the proverbial bucket.

> we have talked this to death now it is time to do something about this
> continuing problem. i  recommend that we move ahead with harald's suggeston
> and get around this roadblock !!

Go right ahead with the travesty.  I'm ready.