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Re: [ga] This is so sad !!

Joe, Bill and all,

  Ahhhhh, aren't emotions interesting.  And in this case not very relevant
or professional or business like either.  Social or emotional experiments
really shouldn't be part of this process, though they may run high at times
of particular strife to be sure.  Poor judgment in these matters is often
preceded by emotional responses.

Joe Baptista wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, J. William Semich wrote:
> > >NOW !!!!!!!!
> > I second that emotion!
> well - william - as i said earlier.  i have no problem with you guys
> ramming this nonsense through.  the names council feels a bit tortured
> these days if you paid attention to the recent meeting.  but if you guys
> ram this bit of nonsense through - the names council is going to feel the
> flames of hell.
> your falling prey to dictatorship and an exclusive membership in what is a
> very public matter.  it's your reputation and icann's - not mine.
> if someone want's to jump off a building i'm the first to look forward to
> the event. let me know when you jump.
> regards
> joe


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