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Re: [ga] This is so sad !!

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Mikki Barry wrote:

> While I totally agree with the fact that harald and roberto have 
> offered constructive solutions, I have a problem with anything that 
> cuts out voices of others, as insane or unwanted as they might be.  I 
> personally use Eudora filters and refrain from responding to those 
> that DO get through.

Look Mikki - we've talked and you understand my position on this.  Roberto
has done not much of anything of value - except to play the proverbial
wall flower.  He barely understand what an issue is - and no one wanted
him as chairman.  So let's be realistic - he a twit we can discount.

Harald on the other hand has actually managed to get off his
ass.  Something I'm sure took him alot of effort to do.  Harald has been
responsive - not enough - but it's a start.  So I don't have a problem
with him - and offer some agreement there.

By the way - in closing - I maybe calling you.  Want to find out what you
sound like without a cold.  I remember your voice sounded very hot - a non
chalant - so I may be interested in hearing it without the cold filter.