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Re: [ga] Blockage/delay of postings

On 06-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
>> > I am not willing to engage in discussions that are censured.
>> So it is your position that the list admin should not be empowered to filter
>> out those who abuse the list?  
> Yup.
> Certainly if someone wants to set up a "censured" list, like the IETF's
> "censured" list, that's fine.  I won't subscribe to it.  Rather, I'll stay
> on dirty, grimy, anything goes list, assuming that such a list exists.
> But if somebody wants to cover my eyes and plug my ears, I want that
> somebody to be me not some list administrator.

Then you want a list that is rife with disruption, like the IFWP list.  There
is a reason I left that list, and if you want to turn this list into something
along those lines, Karl, you have my strong opposition. If this list becomes
that, you will lose the participation of MUCH more than those that support the
type of garbage list the IFWP is.   And that is exactly the intent of the
person who is the main subject of this.  To so disrupt this list that it
becomes a useless vehicle and cripples the DNSO.

And you want to give those disruptors the tools they need to do that job.

No thank you, Karl.  I would rather lose a couple good people's participation
than to lose the VASTLY more than your position would cause this list to lose,
at the expense of having a couple of idiots remain on the list.

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