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Re: [ga] Blockage/delay of postings

Well karl - let's see if I can't fix it.  First off I am very pleased with
the state of affairs in the ga.  Harald finally saw the light and has
undertaken to provide disclosure on my behalf and on behalf of others.  So
far he has served to confirm the fact I was censored and most importantly
of all that I am allowed to post.

But I'm expecting more and he knows it.  I therefore promise not to forge
any more headers.  After all - now there is no need - nes pas?

I also advise the DNSO listadmin that her attempt at censorship of my good
person has clearly failed, and I am very pleased with myself.  I suggest
that for the good of the list she remove these restrictions immediately as
I have noticed some problems with the administrative end of the
listserver.  People may have difficulties subscribing and unsubscribing.

I expect Harald to continue with his disclosure efforts.  And I expect
some reform.  To achive reform we must have full disclosure, and I think
I've made harald very aware of that.

I would like to thank Mr. Sexton for being a system administrator who
clearly understands the nature of liberties and protest.  He's a good
human and he and his family have my blessings as they have my love and
admiration.  Cheers.

To those of you who offered you support in some way - who offered support
for the fundamental rights of free speech and expression, I wish to
briefly thank you and advise you could of done more.  Alot of you behave
like sheep - but there's always hope.

And to those of you to quick to support censorship and exclusion, and to
those who said nothing - I say shame.

And last of all, special thanks to the continued efforts of Mr. Jeff
Williams, who not only is a special person, but someone I consider a
special friend.

And thanks to William X Walsh are also extended.  In all battles, a white
night must have a contrast in black, and indeed Mr. Walsh in his continued
devotion to me has served to provide that contrast.

Joe Baptista

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Karl Auerbach wrote:

> I will wash my hands of the GA mailing list if it undergoes any filtering
> whatsoever.
> I'm sufficiently grown up to use the "d" key on things I find offensive.  
> I am not willing to engage in discussions that are censured.
> 		--karl--