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[ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

At 12:46 AM 5/4/01 -0700, you wrote:

> >> > And China's root is already in play.
> >>
> >>Evidence please?
> > CNNIC is running their own alt.root for .gongsi.
>References please?

Chambers Yang, a lawyer in Shanghai, China writes:
78. However, it is worthy noting that some non-English language TLDs are 
coming into being, such as above-mentioned .zhongguo (China), .gongsi 
(company) and .wangluo (net). Are they new TLDs or only Chinese translation 
of .cn, .com and .net? Actually they are new TLDs.

Other registries, like China's CNNIC (China Network Information Center) 
have set up domain names that end with the Chinese equivalents of .com, 
.net and .org. Some companies here have been selling non-.sg Chinese domain 
names for almost a year now. Little Green Apples, which launched its 
registration service last year, said it has received close to 2,000 
registrations for such addresses. The domain names it is putting up for 
sale have the Chinese suffixes like .gongsi (.com), .wanglu (.net) and 
.zuzhi (.org).

The rest you can figure out yourself.


Best Regards,

Simon Higgs

It's a feature not a bug...

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