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Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

Vint, I appreciate you taking the time to write; however you have added 
nothing to our conversation and have not even attempted to answer the 
question asked.

Only your private little group believes the At Large was a one time 
thing.  No one in the general public has that understanding.

I do understand the ICANN staff, like the board members are technically 
challenged, especially in terms of handling databases.

Perhaps you could reach inside yourself and provide us with a truthful 



At 10:32 AM 3/18/2002 -0500, vint cerf wrote:
>no I can't because the board's view was that elections were infeasible
>at the moment. The board is well aware of the problem of expiring board
>seats and believes it must take an action at the next meeting or at
>the latest, shanghai in october if these seats are to be preserved.
>At 09:03 AM 3/18/2002 -0800, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
> >Given that the ALSC recommendations included an election
> >component, and given that the current AtLarge
> >Directorships are expiring, can you give us any indication
> >as to the proposed time frame for said election component
> >to be announced?

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