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[ga] Re: [admin] Attacks and offensive words

Both are completely descriptive and fully usable in proper American
English discussion.

Do not impose the Queen's English on an American South westerner.
Further more Vint Cerf is a public figure and hence subject to higher
criticism in any country in the WTO world. That is called open and
transparent and all UN countries are supposed to follow that mandate.

Censorship is offensive so you are engaging in offensive language by
more than word but by deed.

Your one man sensibilities need to grow up a bit.  Or was getting rid of
JW and I part of your
ten K package deal.  

And what is with a warning when quite clearly I did not exceed the 5
post limit in my 24 hour period?

You are scaring me. JW gets 2 months for his one recalcitrant act in 24
hours and now you come after me without cause.  If you continue with
this you will find that it is a bad path to go down if you want to
survive the upcoming hearings. And by you I mean Vint and Ester and you.


Alexander Svensson wrote:

> Hello Eric,
> please refrain from personal attacks ("Ivory tower twit")
> and offensive words ("bullshit").
> http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-ga-rules.html
> >The following rules apply to content of messages on the GA list:
> >
> >- The messages must be relevant to the business of the GA
> >- The messages must observe a minimum of decorum, including:
> >  - Not indulging in personal attacks, insults or slander
> >  - Not using offensive language
> >- If the GA Chair or a list monitor asks for a limit to the nuber of posts
> >  per person per day, this must be respected
> >- The size of messages should be kept reasonable (there should be a VERY good
> >  reason to send a message of more than 10 Kbytes).
> Best regards,
> /// Alexander
> >From: Eric Dierker <eric@hi-tek.com>
> >To: vint cerf <vinton.g.cerf@wcom.com>
> >CC: Jefsey Morfin <jefsey@wanadoo.fr>, DannyYounger@cs.com, ga@dnso.org,
> >        pdeblanc@usvi.net, Don Evans <DEvans@doc.gov>
> >Subject: Re: [ga] Re:  Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization
> >Sender: owner-ga@dnso.org
> >
> >Mr. Cerf,
> >
> >Surely you jest?
> >
> >You have the audacity to suppose what is best for users.  You are an Ivory tower twit.  I read in an article just last week you cannot even hook up your own
> >internet at home.  You stated that you would have someone run a t1 line to your home. You are so far removed and vacated from real users that Worldcom should
> >elevate you to saint so you are assured of living with your own kind.
> >
> >The U.S. already has millions of online voters.  Why can't you people do the same world wide.  You cry the same old tyrant song, "we cannot have elections to
> >replace me because I cannot make them fair" Bullshit!
> >
> >Never, Never never assume that you can make decisions for us users because you are an abuser and have no decency for us users.
> >
> >Have a nice day!
> >Eric
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