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Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

I am not sure I can dig out the information from archives but the 
whole voting process was considered a one-shot effort, to be followed
by evaluation, which has now been done. For privacy and convenience,
ICANN committed to limiting the use of the voting mailing list to
election matters only. The proposals from ALSC suggest a new structure
for at-large participation and that is why the invitation has been
issued. There is no direct connection between the one-shot voting
subset of interested parties and the invitation to create a new
at-large structure.


At 10:35 PM 3/17/2002 -0800, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
>Thank you for your prompt response Dr. Cerf.  I wonder if
>you might have any insight as to why Kristy McKee, myself,
>and thousands of others, are being asked to "rejoin" when
>we're already voting Members of the Corporation? 

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