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RE: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

I don't understand why anyone who is already a member of the At Large & has 
already voted and has had representation in ICANN should be required to 
sign up a second time.

ICANN's At Large, as I understood, has several thousand members, not 
several hundred.

Can anyone explain this to me, if yes, please do.



At 04:15 PM 3/17/2002 +1300, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>On 18:22 16/03/02 -0500, Esther Dyson said:
>>My pledge is (was) indeed intended towards something that I think has a 
>>chance of working (such as this proposal). And  I would indeed welcome 
>>its consideration by the 550 signed-up members of the New At-Large and 
>>anyone else willing to discuss it ...and ideally, I hope that a critical 
>>mass will also support it with funding.
>The best way to proceed would be to ask all 573 signups of "the New ICANN 
>at large" to vote as soon as there is a proposal to vote on.
>If Alexander, fortified with your donation and Denise's co-operation, 
>creates a separate At Large from the ALSC's database, then all individuals 
>will simply have to choose which one they want to join and which one they 
>trust to give them the best representational framework.
>If Alexander wants to integrate your/his work with what has been done 
>already, he will have to have his plans approved by  vote of the 573 
>We have to wait for Alexander to formulate his position in the light of 
>your offer to him and the withdrawal of your pledge to icannatlage.com.
>Then the vote can proceed.
>A commercially run vote by a neutral outsider would be best.
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