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RE: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

At 19:07 17/03/02 -0600, Kristy McKee wrote:
>I don't understand why anyone who is already a member of the At Large & 
>has already voted and has had representation in ICANN should be required 
>to sign up a second time.


ICANN does not want anyone to use the "old" members' list for outreach. In 
ICANN's view, these members were disposable members, good only for a single 

Nothing of this list is public, not even the names. We only know for 
ourselves that once we were verified members with PIN numbers and all.

Therefore, the only option left was to start afresh, transparently and from 
the bottom up and create a place where the At large members can communicate 
with each other, and, hopefully<g>, with ICANN.
That is what www.icannatlarge.com is about.


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