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Re: [ga] Suspension of Voting Rights

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 10:24:25AM +0200, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> At 09:10 29.04.2001 -0700, Roeland Meyer wrote:
> >In normal corporate activity, division funding comes from the top, not the
> >bottom. Also, only profit centers are expected to contribute revenue. I am
> >not aware that the DNSO has been designated a profit center. If it has, then
> >I have some serious reservations.
> In normal corporate activity, cost centers that do not contribute 
> appropriate value to the effective function of the corporation are shut 
> down; benefit to the world outside the corporation is normally not considered.
> I do not think we want to encourage normal corporate procedures here.

I'm not so sure.

In the original specifications for the Supporting Organizations, it was
assumed that they would be external to ICANN and separately
incorporated, and that ICANN would accredit SO's.  At the Monterrey DNSO
formation meeting this was discussed at some length; it was the
assumption of those participants that the SO's were actually part of
ICANN, and they prevailed on ICANN to change the definition.  

In retrospect, it might have been better to go with Postel and Sim's
earlier vision -- the discipline of actually running the DNSO as a
corporation would undoubtedly bring certain things into a much sharper

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