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Re: [ga] If I were the DOC.

On 23:59 29/04/01 -0700, Eric Dierker said:

>Dear DoC why is there an ICANN?
Because, at a bare minimum, somebody, something better than a pure
benevolent dictatorship,  had to take over the "IANA function" when Dr
Postel was no longer with us.

All what we are doing here is not a wasted effort, even if ICANN would sink
into a legal black hole next year. (not likely IMHO)
A co-operative of alt-roots together with the "legacy root" will still need
the same regulatory hand as ICANN is proposing to give to the world. It
will still need to co-ordinate with Governments,  keep an aggressive IP
lobby at bay, fend off UN advances through WIPO or the ITU, in short it
will need to become a meta-ICANN.

There is no going back any more, only forward.

If the GA of the DNSO can boot  itself up  as a true worldwide Domain Name
stakeholder "parliament" , of representatives that can at least show some
credentials of support, it will survive on it's own. 
Ready for whatever regulatory structure is willing to legitimize itself
with it.
It might as well be ICANN. 

Delusionally yours,


--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  
the Cyberspace Association and 
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
Elected representative.

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