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[ga] If I were the DOC.

Here is the teaser;

  After reading Appendix O of the .BIZ registry agreement that has just
been announced as finalized, I took a look at some of the archives
briefly of the IETF ML on Whois, see:
and http://www.imc.org/ietf-whois/entire-arch.txt

Shucks that is a quote from a man banned from this list but represnting
at least as many dot commoners as this list represents.  The point we
found is that the new gTLD agreements charge for who is searches.  One
more nail in us small time dudes coffin.

Here is the meat;

Other than right here right now, ICANN has no claim to bottoms up
internetsatkeholders representation. So what is the point of ICANN.  All
the technical stuff can function just fine without ICANN. The registrars
and registries will do just fine without ICANN and everyone knows ICANN
contirbutes nothing to zone servers and ccTLDs.

Dear DoC why is there an ICANN?

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