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[ga] To Be or Not To Be?

Constantly there is a battle between sticking it out in here and trying
to fix ICANN so that it works and therefor will survive, or jumping ship
for the next one that comes along, or even trying to undue ICANN so that
we get something else more quickly.

The battle for me is usually internal, because while I report on ICANN
dayly no one else I know personally cares.  The statistics from the
other day were great, and now I am sure there is not one other person in
my city of over a million who would understand or care to understand
what we do on this list. Mr. Gomes has told us that he don't need no
stinking ICANN,  there appear to be roots that are in viable competition
with it,ccTLDs seem to be somewhat independent of it, and the all
powerfull IP is developing plans to deal with other developing

In the last few days we find almost 900 people get ths mail and only a
few handfuls participate.

So what should we do?

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