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Re: [ga] If I were the DOC.

I agree with both of you ... and I think it is sad that the USG is so 
willing to allow the most common abusers of market share to control this as 
well... You'd think they would learn; but maybe there is an enormous 
financial benefit to having the telco's own and operate our public works 
for them - too bad there is no benefit to the public to have the telcos own 
and operate our public works.


At 07:44 PM 4/30/2001 +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>On 23:59 29/04/01 -0700, Eric Dierker said:
> >Dear DoC why is there an ICANN?
> >
>Because, at a bare minimum, somebody, something better than a pure
>benevolent dictatorship,  had to take over the "IANA function" when Dr
>Postel was no longer with us.
>All what we are doing here is not a wasted effort, even if ICANN would sink
>into a legal black hole next year. (not likely IMHO)
>A co-operative of alt-roots together with the "legacy root" will still need
>the same regulatory hand as ICANN is proposing to give to the world. It
>will still need to co-ordinate with Governments,  keep an aggressive IP
>lobby at bay, fend off UN advances through WIPO or the ITU, in short it
>will need to become a meta-ICANN.
>There is no going back any more, only forward.
>If the GA of the DNSO can boot  itself up  as a true worldwide Domain Name
>stakeholder "parliament" , of representatives that can at least show some
>credentials of support, it will survive on it's own.
>Ready for whatever regulatory structure is willing to legitimize itself
>with it.
>It might as well be ICANN.
>Delusionally yours,
>--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--
>the Cyberspace Association and
>the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
>Elected representative.
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