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Re: [ga] Suspension of Voting Rights

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 11:27:33AM -0500, Bruce James wrote:
> The DNSO is a Cost Center. It was suppose to provide *advice* to the BoD.

Yes, precisely.  However, the GA, at least, has effectively been
captured by delusional people who think that they have much much more
power than simply giving advice.  They swamp the discussions with their 
fantasies of being a governing body, and effectively paralyze the GA 
(and indirectly, the DNSO), through what is the moral equivalent of a 
denial of service attack.  Why should the Board provide funds to 
support this attack?

Kent Crispin                               "Be good, and you will be
kent@songbird.com                           lonesome." -- Mark Twain
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