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Re: [ga] Repost: InternetStakeholders.com

At the risk of being banned for excessive posts...

L Gallegos wrote:

> This is my personal opinion.
> <snip>
> Why would members of the GA object to this if the DNSO is not going
> to provide that forum?  In addition, why would it be out of order to invite
> people from this list (as the original invitees) to join the newly provided
> forum?  It is not an abuse of the list to do so, IMO.  <snip>


If the original members were *invited*, no problem... but they were *not* invited.
They were signed up to a yahoogroup without their knowledge or approval.  This is
technically a breach of privacy, and that is why it's out of order.


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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