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[council] RE: What is the plan for review TF from now on


Thank you for your note. As was in the timetable all received, The Task
Force will prepare a draft report, which will be submitted in time for
discussion at the next Names Council call. The target date is the 19th, it
may be the 20th due to the depth of participation and being sure it's
reflected in the report, and for the task force to see the draft before it's
forwarded to the NC for discussion on the NC call.

Per the schedule, after the NC discussion and incorporation of comments into
the draft, there will then be a public comment period prior to sending the
report to the ICANN board. Looking forward to the everyone participating in
the public comment period. I expect there will also be a mechanism
established for public comments to the Board after the report is submitted.

There were many submissions via/from the working group. It would be helpful
in preparing the draft report if those points which are working group
consensus per Erica's comments (and please substantiate that) would be
identified specifically. As working group chair, I'd appreciate if you'd do

Thank you,


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> Subject: What is the plan for review TF from now on
> Hello Theresa,
> I have not heard from you, chair of review TF regarding
> Review TF's future path.
> Can we keep moving?
> Thanks,

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