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Re: [council] IRC Server


I didn't see any direct reply to you, the next teleconference
is Monday morning 9:00am your time.

I tried out the IRC server a little last week, had a little
trouble connecting (to the channel) but may have been
my problem as I usually don't have to worry authentication.
(i.e. could have been user error... :-))  I will be in the office
early tomorrow to set up, so will be on IRC an hour earlier
to check it out if anyone is around.


Ben Edelman wrote:

> Just wondering if the secured chat area described below was tested or not,
> was found adequate or not, was found helpful or not, and will be used or
> not.  (Questions primarily for my own information -- to try to be that much
> more helpful for the next time something similar is needed, and to make sure
> I'm in the loop re whatever use of our server is or is not taking place,
> etc.)
> Also, I don't yet have on my calendar the date and time of your next
> teleconference to be webcast; if that's already been decided, I'd appreciate
> knowing when the call is to take place so that I can make the necessary
> arrangements for staff and equipment availability.
> Ben Edelman
> Berkman Center for Internet and Society
> Harvard Law School
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> > From: Ben Edelman [mailto:edelman@law.harvard.edu]
> > Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 3:58 PM
> > To: [Unarchived Names Council Distribution List]
> > Subject: RE: [council] IRC Server
> >
> >
> > The channel I've set up for you is now accessible via
> > [URL suppressed].  The system
> > isn't as elegant, streamlined, or "slick" as I would have liked,
> > but given the time constraints (a day) and budget (none) I think
> > it should be adequate.  Give it a try, following instructions
> > carefully, and I think you'll find it usable; if not, or if
> > particular changes would make the system more helpful, let me
> > know and I'll see what I can do.
> >
> > The password required for joining the channel is [password suppressed].
> >
> > This password is completely confidential -- no other Berkman
> > staff know it, and I won't monitor the chat unless you ask me to
> > do so.  However, anyone with that password can indeed join the
> > chat, so you should be careful to keep it a secret!  Finally, I
> > don't currently intend to keep a log of the chat; if you want a
> > log to be created, please let me know so I can arrange as much.
> >
> >
> > Ben Edelman
> > Berkman Center for Internet and Society
> > Harvard Law School

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