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RE: [council] IRC Server

Just wondering if the secured chat area described below was tested or not,
was found adequate or not, was found helpful or not, and will be used or
not.  (Questions primarily for my own information -- to try to be that much
more helpful for the next time something similar is needed, and to make sure
I'm in the loop re whatever use of our server is or is not taking place,

Also, I don't yet have on my calendar the date and time of your next
teleconference to be webcast; if that's already been decided, I'd appreciate
knowing when the call is to take place so that I can make the necessary
arrangements for staff and equipment availability.

Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Harvard Law School

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ben Edelman [mailto:edelman@law.harvard.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 3:58 PM
> To: [Unarchived Names Council Distribution List]
> Subject: RE: [council] IRC Server
> The channel I've set up for you is now accessible via
> [URL suppressed].  The system
> isn't as elegant, streamlined, or "slick" as I would have liked,
> but given the time constraints (a day) and budget (none) I think
> it should be adequate.  Give it a try, following instructions
> carefully, and I think you'll find it usable; if not, or if
> particular changes would make the system more helpful, let me
> know and I'll see what I can do.
> The password required for joining the channel is [password suppressed].
> This password is completely confidential -- no other Berkman
> staff know it, and I won't monitor the chat unless you ask me to
> do so.  However, anyone with that password can indeed join the
> chat, so you should be careful to keep it a secret!  Finally, I
> don't currently intend to keep a log of the chat; if you want a
> log to be created, please let me know so I can arrange as much.
> Ben Edelman
> Berkman Center for Internet and Society
> Harvard Law School