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Re: [wg-b] wg-b

At 12:39 AM 4/5/2000 +0200, Mark Measday wrote:
>Wg-b? All talk of general principles and no action. Wonder if we can use
>your good offices to set up an informal sub-group to produce an
>advisory, controversial non-approved list of famous names.

I'll be happy to provide a mailing list, if that's required.
You might want to start off informally using just a long To: header - this 
may be too controversial to get off the ground.

>  Inclusive
>rather than exclusive. We have good use for such a list. I've got my own
>already, too extensive. WIPO can use it, ICANN can use it, Mike Palage
>can use it although I see no reason why it need be submitted to
>consideration of the dead-beats in the NC..Suggest Bob Connelly and
>David Maher be appointed officers in some capacity, plus some public
>interest figure such as Eric Brunner, Eric Menge or Francis Gurry.
>Membership limited to those who list names for the moment. The winnowing
>comes later. Can we get the original WIPO list and suggested additions?

There was no original WIPO list - they too never got past the "platitudes" 

I'd suggest you sending a message to the people you want to have in on 
this, giving 2 attachments:

- A list that you feel very certain is famous
- A list that you feel could be considered for famousness

Getting a group of people to agree to "this list certainly, that list 
probably" would be a nice starting point for discussion, giving it much
more of a concrete flavour.

My greatest doubt is whether enough people would be willing to go out on
a limb and commit to defending such a list.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway