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Re: [wg-b] wg-b

I can guarantee you that I will hold the makers of the list liable for any
of my clients' famous trademarks which do not end up on the list.  I can
also guarantee you that there are many other trademark attorneys who believe
likewise.  The names and addresses of all parties contributing to the list
and/or endorsing the list should accompany the list, so that the responsible
parties can be readily identified.  Otherwise, to the extent that this
project is considered to be a product of WG-B and/or ICANN, it will be
necessary to include the participants of WG-B and ICANN among the parties
liable for any omission.

The makers of the list had better be willing to go out on that limb, or they
will be taken onto it unwillingly if necessary.  Once the list is made, its
makers will certainly be committed to defending it.

From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand <Harald@alvestrand.no>
Subject: Re: [wg-b] wg-b

> My greatest doubt is whether enough people would be willing to go out on
> a limb and commit to defending such a list.