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Wg-b? All talk of general principles and no action. Wonder if we can use
your good offices to set up an informal sub-group to produce an
advisory, controversial non-approved list of famous names. Inclusive
rather than exclusive. We have good use for such a list. I've got my own
already, too extensive. WIPO can use it, ICANN can use it, Mike Palage
can use it although I see no reason why it need be submitted to
consideration of the dead-beats in the NC..Suggest Bob Connelly and
David Maher be appointed officers in some capacity, plus some public
interest figure such as Eric Brunner, Eric Menge or Francis Gurry.
Membership limited to those who list names for the moment. The winnowing
comes later. Can we get the original WIPO list and suggested additions?

Mark Measday

Josmarian SA
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