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Re: [wg-b] Re: Nature of answer to question B

Incidentally, I would like to give context to my Sept 3 statement regarding
the incremental value of the exclusion.   I was envisioning perhaps 1-5
additional gTLDs, and a strict exclusion policy that would exclude
kodak.firm but not kodakfilm.firm, kodakcamera.firm, etc.  In my
estimation, such a policy would save the TM owner from having to prosecute
at most 1 to 5 UDRP proceedings. That didn't seem necessarily worthwhile,
if the UDRP could work at comparable cost to that of getting one's mark on
the list.

Two things have happened since then - the revised draft of the UDRP was
released and it has major problems - and talk of 100s of new gTLDs in a
year is taken seriously.

In that scenario an exclusion is justified.

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