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Re: [wg-b] FORMAL BALLOT No. 1

At 05:24 AM 10/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Voting is scheduled to end on Monday midnight EST.
>Please do _not_ edit the ballot beyond indicating your choice with an X in
>between the appropriate brackets "[]".
>[Please identify the constituency group, if any, that you are representing]
>[] ccTLD Constituency
>[] gTLD Constituency
>[] Registrars Constituency
>[x] Intellectual Property Constituency
>[] Commercial and Business Entities Constituency
>[] ISPs and Connectivity Providers
>[] Non-commercial Domain Name Holder Constituency
>[] I do not represent any Domain Name Supporting Organization, I am
>participating in an individual capacity
>[Please identify your region of citizenship (not residence)]
>[x] North America
>[] Asia/Australia/Pacific
>[] Europe
>[] Latin and S. America
>[] Latin America/Caribbean Islands
>[] Africa
>[Please select ONE of the options listed below]
>[x] Option A - Some type of mechanism, yet to be determined, is necessary in
>connection with famous trademarks and the operation of the Domain Name
>[] Option B - ICANN should not implement any mechanism for the protection of
>famous marks, because other mechanisms are adequate
>[] Option C - ICANN should not implement any mechanism for the protection of
>famous marks, because it exceeds the scope of ICANN's authority
>[] Option D - Both Option B & C
>[] Option E - I choose to abstain from the voting process at this time
>(Comments should be limited to 1 or 2 paragraphs)
My understanding of the term "yet to be determined" is that it means "yet
to be agreed upon by ICANN" and does not necessarily imply rejection of
previously made proposals contained in the WIPO Report.

I also request that people who choose Option B indicate what they
understand the term "other mechanisms" to mean. Believing that UDRP is
sufficient is different from believing that court litigation is sufficient.

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