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RE: [wg-b] Re: Nature of answer to question B

PS. Let me clarify (terseness is going to hang me yet). I still maintain
that the root-registry should not be involved in a UDRP, either for or
against. However, I see nothing wrong with ICANN running UDRP as a separate
*optional* service offering, completely independent of a root-registry. UDRP
should not be a precondition of registering a new TLD, not should it be
mandated for TLD registries.

Actually, I have nothing against a UDRP ... as long as it isn't mandatory.

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> >Then we can assume that neither you nor Mr. Alverstrand will vote for
> >Option C, and that you are both in favor of a decently run UDRP.
> Speaking for myself: Yes.
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