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[wg-b] Who accredited what (historical note)

At 11:42 15.10.99 -0400, Milton Mueller wrote:
>Randy has confused registries and registrars.
>DARPA and NSF did not accredit registrars. IANA accredited registrars only
>within dot US. NSI entered into private contractual arrangements with 
>registrars for dot com and other gTLDs around the world. They had over 100 
>such relationships with registrars prior to ICANN's formation.

since we invented the current meaning of the terms "registries" and 
"registrars" a few years ago, during the GTLD-MOU debates, it is not 
surprising that Jon, NSI and others made deals that did not fit this model 
very well.

Note that Randy's note used neither term.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway