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Re: [wg-b] Re: ICANN's Mandate

>> Yes, it is the accreditors who have changed, but the real point is that
>> there was no central authority who issued uniform accreditation
>> requirements designed to give trademark holders and other control freaks
>> regulatory leverage over the entire system.
> no, Jon just (uniformly) required them to behave reasonably.  these days,
> what that means has to be spelled out in detail, and the trademark people
> want to make sure they do most of the spelling.

we should remember that the darpa and then nsf were fully responsible and in
authority.  jon, sri, and then nsi were fully vetted and acredited by the
authorities in place at the time.

the folk here who were not around at the time need not further deomostrate
their lack of understanding, i for one am fully convinced of it.