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[wg-b] intro

I plan on attending the meetings in Santiago and participating in working
group b. Information about me may be found at http://www.eileenkent.com. 

My involvement with ICANN  has taught me to be more aware and more tolerant
of other viewpoints with regard to i.p. My own view, in a nutshell, is that
trademarks and copyrights should be protected on line; that avoiding
litigation is a reasonable goal, that it will  reduce fraud . . . etc. etc.
etc.  The ability to make an infinite number of perfect copies (and
distribute them!) was not contemplated when the traditional attitudes
toward i.p. were developing.  Even so, I think the traditional (western)
view of i.p is not yet archaic. I have come to understand that lots of
people believe that the courts should constitute the only dispute
resolution. Their arguments are often rational and persuasive. But no
matter how rational and persuasive anyone's arguments are, it is unlikely
that there will be a meeting of minds on any grand scale. Consensus may be
elusive but inclusion at least should be doable. I believe this group will
do the best it can to find the right compromises. 
 Achieving geographic diversity with regard to real-life meetings is
expensive and time-consuming. But it sure gives me the chance to satisfy my
wanderlust. I am thrilled to be going to Santiago and I look forward to
meeting many of you there.


Is there an official definition of what constitutes a famous trademark?