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Re: [wg-b] Reply to Jonathan Cohen

Dear Dennis:

Thanks for your reply.  I was of course, speaking for myself and my
understanding of the inclusiveness of the wg's, but this is what I believe,
it's what I believe was intended and it is how I intend for this group to

I have no objection to your posting both your message and my reply elsewhere.

I also want you know that I particularly appreciate your making your
concerns known in a clear, concise and polite manner - there is absolutely
nothing wrong with disagreement or argument on an issue, but it makes it
far easier to discuss it, and for parties with disparate views to resolve
it, when discussions are conducted in a such a manner.  

Thanks for opening this dialog.

Best regards,


At 07:12 AM 10/08/99 , you wrote:
>Hi Jonathan
>Thanks for replying to my 'plea for inclusivenes'.
>I was pleased to see that we both feel that  dividing WG members into two 
>would be an anti-inclusionary act.
>In all honesty, I still feel that was the pNC's message.  The discussion 
>that I listened to (while sometimes inaudible) clearly communicated a 
>categorization of individuals into two distinct groups:  those representing 
>recognized constituencies,
>and those from elsewhere.  I would like to think that the two groups were 
>not being described as
>'separate but equal'.
>The credibility issues surrounding the final vote on WG-A
>illustrate how disputes over inclusiveness can tarnish the results of a
>group process, even when many individuals have invested massive
>amounts of creativity and time.
>However, if WG-B can live up to its  commitment to inclusiveness and 
>consensus, I
>see no reason why  it cannot succeed at turning its diversity into a
>strength rather than a weakness.
>A follow-up request:   I would like to quote my message and your reply
>elsewhere, especially to the IDNO group.  (I'm not sure whether the
>confidentiality status of a closed list such as this is Opt-In or Opt-Out.
>Or is it perhaps an open issue that
>the group decides?)

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