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[wg-b] WG-B: Request for Constituency participation

To all pNC reps:

WG-B which is dealing with Chapter 4 on Famous Marks of WIPO's Final Report
has elected its non-pNC co-chair and work is underway on its Charter. There
are currently 21 members in the group representing four of the seven
constituencies (ccTLD, IPC, NCC and Registrars).  We still need
participants from the ISP, Business and gTLD's in order to comply with
ICANN's bylaws.  

Please circulate this message among your constituency membership and
actively seek volunteers. In addition, while we do have some geographic
diversity among WG-B members, this is another aspect of our membership
which needs to be improved since the preponderance of participants are from
North America.   We ask that you solicit participation from other regions
as well.  

One person from each constituency in the WG is requested to be the liaison
between the WG and the rest of the constituency in order provide a channel
for the constituency's input into the WG and a source of up-to-date
information on the WG's progress.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jonathan Cohen
Co-Chair, WG-B

Shapiro Cohen 
Group of Intellectual Property Practices
Ottawa, Canada

Telephone: (613)232-5300
Facsimile: (613) 563-9231

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