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[wg-b] Attention DNSO Constituency members of WG-B

This is a request to those members of WG-B who also represent a
constituency.  The ICANN Bylaws require that each WG include one
representative from each constituency.  Four constituencies are currently
represented, and I have asked the other pNC reps to circulate a request to
the other constituencoes for volunteers for this WG. 

At the last pNC meeting, it was decided that in order to ensure that all
constituency members remain informed of WG processes and have a mechanism
for their input, even if they are not directly participating in the WG, one
person from each constituency serving on the WG will be the contact person.  

I therefore ask those of you in WG-B who represent constituencies to
undertake to liaise with your constituency for the above purpose, or, if
there are multiple reps from a constituency, please select one contact
person, and inform your constituencies of the contact person's name.

Thank you.

Jonathan C. Cohen	
Shapiro Cohen 
Group of Intellectual Property Practices
Ottawa, Canada

Telephone: (613)232-5300
Facsimile: (613) 563-9231

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