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[comments-wgb] RE: New TLD's considered

I followed the Cairo conference and was not surprised that the majority of 
time and energy was spent on new TLD's.  Yet no action was taken even tho I 
believe that this consideration was worthy of comment prior to Cairo 
Now, I understand that the meeting in Japan; that new TLD's will be a 

I have seen while surfing the net that many companies are establishing their 
own TLD by resetting computers.   This is a futile effort and illogics what 
the internet was intended to do, to mainstream lines of communication.  

I was aware of ICANN's involvement in attempting to activate dot WEB but it 
was in effect, halted due to court involvement even if ICANN themselves 
believed that dot WEB was and is an excellent choice for a real top level 
domain name extension.  
I have interviewed and questioned users on an informal basis and they all 
agreed that among the choices given for a TLD, that dot WEB was their first 
I would like ICANN's committee on the newly considered TLD to include:

                    .WEB as an extension.

I have been reading posts indicating .banc as a consideration but be 
concerned that most internet subscribers, that not all of us, if hardly any, 
have use for dot banc.  
I understand that the ICANN committee works very hard at trying to be 
inclusive to a large and  diverse community and for this I admire your task 
and your consideration.  It is very difficult to be inclusive to everyone and 
everything but ICANN is attempting to please all routes of the world 
regardless of diversity and in further consideration of economics.

Again, please understand that the registry of dot web is well run and my 
understanding that they are set up for immediate dissemination of this TLD 
network.  I am a subscriber of dot web, com and net; and I hope that my 
subscription to these registries has an opportunity to run as described.  I 
do not entertain at any time to recreate the wheel but now we need to test 
drive this vehicle and get others going.

Marlys Whiteagle