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[comments-wgb] Report of Working Group B

Intellectual Property and New gTLDs:
Who cares.
Only .COM domains will continue to have value in a multinational environment.
Presumably the existing copyright/legal issues with .COM domains are sufficient.
Kodak will continue to use kodak.com
IBM will continue to use ibm.com
Coca-Cola will continue to use coke.com
Even .NET and .ORG have limited value.  I certainly wouldn't pay $8 million for one of them.
If you rapidly expand into new gTLD then they new gTLDs will have limited relative value.
I don't think the general public would have trouble figuring out that kodak.firm had little to do with the film and camera company.  The general public will continue to expect to find multinational companies in the .COM domain.   I don't see this ever changing.  It is already a mindset.
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