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[comments-wgb] The not so Famous Marks

As a consultant that assists start-up dotcom companies, I will tell you that
every client of our firm is concerned and totally against the introduction
of new TLD's.
They believe that it is not fair to only give preference to famous marks.
They say that they ICANN should give a 90 day period for all current owners
of dot com names to register their current .com names with the new TLD's.
After the 90-day period, everyone would be able to register any names that
are available.

They also believe that if due to outside pressures, ICANN is forced to
introduce new TLD's, they should definitely start with only 1 new name for
business purposes, so that ICANN can study the reaction of the marketplace
to this new TLD introduction.

Hope that you take into consideration the concerns of our clients.

Jack Landrum

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