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[comments-wgb] Sunrise Plus Twenty

3M is not convinced the world needs new TLD's.

If new TLD's are created, trademarks need to be protected in these new TLDs to
avoid confusion as to source.  Sunrise Plus Twenty, as supported by INTA, is one
way to help ensure that protection.

As we know, many people search for companies and products on the Internet by
typing in those companies' trade names and trademarks as domain names.   When
these domain names lead these people to unexpected websites, confusion can
result.  This confusion benefits neither these people nor the companies they are
looking for.

This confusion as to source is trademark infringement, and just like any other
form of trademark infringement, it should not be tolerated.

You have an opportunity to reduce this likelihood of confusion with new TLDs by
affording legitimate trademark owners a "Sunrise Period" to pre-empt
opportunistic interlopers.  You are encouraged to protect trademarks and
worldwide commerce from this likelihood of confusion by adopting Sunrise Plus
Twenty, if new TLD's are created.


Robert Hoke

Senior Trademark Counsel

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M)