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[comments-gtlds] New gTLD's


The following is my personal opinion.  I have
done no research to support it.

I agree with Position Paper B regarding all new
gTLD's whose intended and defacto use is primarily
not for commerce.  I agree with the people who
want a more restricted trial for gTLD's whose
intended or defacto use is primarily for commerce.

I suggest that a few gTLD's for commerce be
created in as a trial and as part of that same
trial several gTLD's intended for non-commercial
use also be created.  Without some new commerce 
oriented gTLD's to relieve the pressure, gTLD's
intended for non-commercial use will end up as
defacto commercial gTLD's.  However, with a few
commercial gTLD's available, businesses will not
want to register under a gTLD for personal homepages,
or artistic expression or etc as people interested
in commerce (customers) will avoid URL's registered 
under such gTLD's when seeking to do business.  
Businesses will also not want customers to have to 
learn and remember a new, unfamiliar gTLD to find 
their sites, they'll want to register under the 
few that are already in the public awareness.

Also, I think that resources like those found at
would make it pretty easy to detect the majority
of trademark-abusive registrations, and of course
lawsuits will cover the rest.

Again, this is all just my opinion.
Thanks for taking the time to read it.