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[comments-gtlds] Restricted gTLD for kids

One of the major issues in the United States is how do we protect our kids from porn, hate and other types of sites.  The current solution, filtering software of one sort or another, has major problems keeping up with the growth of the Internet.  Another possible solution is to have a restricted gTLD, like .gov or .mil, for kids.  You could call it .kid or .kids or something along that lines.  The idea would be to have some type of organization, gov't or private, strictly control the .kid gTLD.   The advantage here is that it would much easier to regulate what our kids saw by simply restricting the gTLD the browser can view.  The disadvantage is who gets to decide what is appropriate for our kids.  Despite that pitfall, I believe this could be a big help to parents all over the world in preventing their kids from seeing things like porn, the KKK or how to make bombs.  Thank you for your time.