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[comments-gtlds] NEW GTLD's

Hello members,

I have some ideas for new gtld's:-


This GTLD would represent all the Nations Governments.  As there is 230 or so countries with ccTLD's I feel a .gov would be used like a ccTLD for each country but would provide a direct route to the nation.  From each .gov site you could navigate to businesses or government departments or anything really to do with that country.


I think there are more sex web sites as a topic than any other on the Internet.  Like it or not we cannot ignore it and we should make concerted efforts to protect our children.  Having a GTLD for this topic would make it easier to block children visiting these sites merely by excluding visits to .sex web sites.  At present this is proving difficult and I have found on numerous occasions that when I search for sites of a non-sexually explicit nature using a search engine that often I am returned sites of a sexually explicit nature.  This occurs because webmasters of sex sites often put in non-sexual words in their meta data in order to draw hits to their site.  Of course I am preaching to the converted here and I know that many of you are already aware of the problems associated with sex sites on the web but a .sex domain will surely allow us to at least protect our loved ones from coming across things which may harm or disturb them.


These groups in the News Groups are the most popular ones on the NNTP servers around the globe.  Because of their peculiarity or in some cases popularity of these groups they are now supporting tens of thousands of sub groups within this category.  As we often find domain names we may associate with large corporates or companies we know to have been taken by a member of the public for pictures of his cat and his home made compressor I feel we need to try to coerce these individuals away from the .com's of this world (which is supposed to be for commercial organizations) to use an alternative (.alt) domain name for their topic similarly to that in the news groups.  This I feel would allow us introduce new rules for the .com domains so that only commercial organizations use the domains for which they were intended (whitehouse.com)

I hope I have touched on the reasons for these domain names but one last thing I would like to add.  I think introducing lots of new GTLD's will only seek to confuse users and will invariably add to the level of already misplaced domains.  Introducing new domains should really result in new legislation to ensure they are used in the manner to which they were introduced originally.  We have all registered domains for companies knowing their type of company does not fit the category of the domain but the customer is always right.  Stopping this legislatively will mean a better logic to the domain name system.

Anyway I draw to a close and thank you for reading this far.

Best regards,  

Miesha Vukasinovic.

 Director of Total Web Solutions Limited.

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