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[comments-gtlds] Support for Position Paper B

Speaking as an individual, I express my support for Position Paper B in

It is crucial that new TLDs be added as swiftly as possible.
Furthermore, there must be no perception of artificial scarcity.
The limit on new TLDs should be set simply as a matter of
technical feasibility.  Other concerns that favor special interests,
such as protection of trademark, have no place in these decisions.
Nor should ICANN, in a misguided attempt at "consumer protection,"
set the business model or limit the type of TLD to become available.

We have seen time and again that citizens AND commercial interests
are best served when their potential is unleashed.  The Internet
these potentials to a limit heretofore unseen in human history.
This transformative effect has made the Internet an engine of democracy,

an engine of creativity, and an engine of commerce.

The DNS sits at the heart of this engine.  It is inappropriate
to hobble this engine with non-technical limitations.
Position Paper B best recognizes this reality and should be approved.