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[comments-gtlds] A Different Position

I've commented before about the meaninglessness of domain categories, so it 
was nice to see Dave write about SimplifiedDomains: the non-categorized 

Dear Working Group C, you apparently have job security while you go the 
domain categorization route.  The stream of gTLD special interest requests 
will never stop, and the complications will compound exponantially!

Then, while you're struggling and haggling, technology will find a way 
around you, and sooner than later, your efforts will have been for naught.

So, why not leave a legacy of prescience and implement the non-categorized 
solution (SimplifiedDomains).  Oh, you can still say you're working on the 
categories: which ones and how many, but in the mean time, the internet 
world can leap forward with an advanced domain technology!

Robert Stoddard
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