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[comments-gtlds] Register.com Comments on WG C Position Papers

Register.com strongly endorses Working Group Cís overall recommendation
to introduce new TLDs into the market.  Specifically, we support
Position Paper A and the controlled introduction of new TLDs, both
general and special purpose, into the market.  New TLDs will reduce the
focus on .com, and give customers more service offerings which is in
keeping with the new competitive environment in the domain name

While Position Paper A acknowledges that all new TLDs should support
competitive registrars, we want to emphasize how critical it is for all
registrars to be able to provide registration services for any of the
new TLDs introduced, whether they are general or special purpose TLDs,
and that all registrars should have equal access to the registries for
the new TLDs.  Equal access is essential for registrars to compete in
this space, and, as stated above, competition ultimately benefits the
end user by giving them more choices, better prices and better service.

Lauren Gaviser
Director, Strategic Initiatives
register.com, inc.