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[comments-gtlds] gTLD Expansion Plan

I represent InterAccess Company, a Chicago-based internet and
firm.  Our clients are typically individuals and small businesses.  We have
accredited as a domain-name registrar, but are not yet operational.

My company whole-heartedly favors an expansion of number of global top-level
domains.  We feel that this enables more people, organizations and
to register the name that they feel best describes their organization or
business.  It actually helps groups with trademarks and copyrights.  As the
law stands today, several groups can hold trademarks to the same name, as
long as they are in different businesses or geographic areas.  Furthermore,
many trademarks for businesses are the same as family names, which often
prevents families from registering their last name for a domain, because a
deep-pocketed corporation has already grabbed that domain in the .com, .net,
and .org TLD namespace.

Since we feel that unnecessary bureaucracy and delay will help only those
few large businesses seeking to stifle competition, we believe that an
immediate committment to a vigorous increase in the number of gTLD's is
called for.  Therefore, we endorse Position Paper B.


Bryan Evans
Director of Technology
InterAccess Company