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[comments-gtlds] Support for Position Paper B

Since 1993 InterWorking Labs (IWL) has been engaged in the conformance and
interoperability testing of Internet Protocols.  See http://www.iwl.com/

IWL engages in an international business, much of it via the Internet. And
IWL understands the value of intellectual property rights in trade and
service marks.

InterWorking Labs supports Position Paper B on New gTLDs.

Among other things, Position paper B states: "Additions should take place
in a gradual but progressive manner and should be halted only if proven
threats to stability develop."  It is the position of InterWorking Labs
that "proven threats to stability" should not be construed to prevent the
evolution of the domain name system, even should that evolution cause the
creation of services or names which are not accessible to those who chose
not to evolve.  For example, InterWorking Labs does not consider
extensions to the DNS character set to include internationalized
characters to be a "threat to stability."

In addition, IWL is concerned about the so-called "safeguards" proposed by
some to constrain the deployment of new gTLDs.  InterWorking Labs believes
that the new gTLDs should be deployed rapidly and that the word
"safeguards" not be code for obstruction and delay.

Again, InterWorking Labs supports Position Paper B on New gTLDs.

	Chris Wellens

	Karl Auerbach
	Chief Technological Officer